High quality audio and video recordings

Listnr.fm makes it easy to record remote interviews in studio quality for podcasters and media companies. The result is 4k video content and WAV audio.

Record a podcast with Listnr in 3 easy steps

Recording a podcast has never been easier!

Set up your podcast equipment

Get your podcast equipment ready to record, listnr is compatible with the best podcast microphones.


Invite guests to your podcast

It’s just like any video conferencing software. You send a link, your guest joins and you’re ready to record.

Start recording your podcast

You can now record your podcast in studio quality remotely. We’ll then automatically upload your local recording ready to edit.


Customize how your podcasts appear

Add backgrounds, logos, overlays, thumbnail to your video recordings

All you need in a single screen so you have a seamless experience

Post production available to merge participant tracks
Download separate participant tracks from recordings
Add background, logos, overlays to video recordings

Hosting and distribution made hassle free so you can create quality content.

Host unlimited podcasts
Distribute them to Spotify, iTunes, Google podcasts & other platforms
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Have control over your statistics

State of the art analytics.
Get useful insights about where your users are coming from and how they find you.
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Create a stream of income by monetising your podcasts

Create private podcasts for your premium subscribers.
Create mini subscriptions for your podcasts
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